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About SimplyAnalytics

We are the best Training institute for learning MongoDB Training in Chennai . We have expert trainers and excellent materials to transform your skills to fit into the job market.

About MongoDB Training Course

  • This is a comprehensive learning course designed to provide hands-on learning on NoSQL and Big Data space. The course includes Introduction to NoSQL, MongoDb® Installation, Introduction to JSON/BSON, Requirement of NOSQL, CRUD Operations, Schema Design and Data Modeling. It further enriches your knowledge of MongoDb® contents like MongoDb® Backup Strategies, Monitoring, Indexing and Aggregation Framework, MongoDb® Security, Integration with MongoDb® with Jaspersoft, Loading and Managing Unstructured Data (Videos, Images, Logs, Resumes, etc.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand the basics of NoSQL, MongoDb® and Installation of MongoDB
  • Learn how to implement JSON/BSON Data Types
  • Understand the requirement and scope of NoSQL in present business scenario
  • Understand scalability and availability in MongoDb® using concept of Sharding
  • Perform various CRUD Operations to design Schemas
  • Understand and implement various functions like Stack, merge, Strsplit
  • Gain insights into Data Management using MongoDb® and concepts of Replication
  • Execute different types of Indexing and Aggregation
  • Understand Security Risks to Databases, MongoDb® Security Approach
  • Learn Integration of MongoDb® with Java, JasperSoft and Robomongo
  • Load and Manage Unstructured Data like Videos, images, Logs, Resumes

Recommended Audience

  • Software Architects and System Administrators
  • Database Professionals aiming to enhance their knowledge of database management
  • Project Managers aspiring to learn and teach their teammates advanced ways of database management
  • Graduates keen to add an advanced learning course to their Resume for jobs in top MNCs


  • There is no pre-requisite for undergoing this training; Basic knowledge of database would be helpful.

Why Take MongoDb® Training Course?

  • MongoDb® is revered as a next-generation, document-oriented NoSQL database to build high-performance operational database applications.
  • Since all big and small organizations are adopting modern ways of developing and producing database applications, MongoDb® is the perfect solution.
  • This course gives the complete study of one of the most popular NoSQL databases to become a MongoDb®.
  • MongoDb® is currently used by thousands of top organizations likeSourceForge, Craigslist,eBay, Viacom, Foursquare and The New York Times, and there is a high demand for skilled experts in the current market.

Module 1 : Introduction to NoSQL, MongoDB, Installation etc

  • 1.Database type description
  • 2.What is NoSQL Database
  • 3.Types of NoSQL Database
  • 4.Challenges with RDBMS
  • 5.Why we need NoSQL data?
  • 6.What is MONGODB
  • 8.JSON Data Types
  • 9.JSON Example
  • 10.MONGODB Installation

Module 2 part 1 : NoSQL Introduction, Requirement of NOSQL

  • 1.Database Type
  • 2.OLTP
  • 3.OLAP
  • 4.NOSQL
  • 5.Type of NOSQL Database
  • 6.Challenges with RDBMS
  • 7.Why NOSQL
  • 8.ACID property
  • 9.CAP Theorem
  • 10.Base property
  • 11.Introduction to Json/ Bson
  • 12.Json Data types
  • 13.Database collection & document
  • 14.MongoDB use cases
  • 15.Unacknowledged
  • 16.Acknowledged
  • 17.Juurnaled
  • 18.Fsynced
  • 19.Repica Acknowledged

Module 2 part 2 : CRUD Operations

  • 1.MongoDB crud Tutorial
  • 2.Installation Rent
  • 3.used ppt
  • 4.json its syntax
  • 5.CRUD Introduction,
  • 6.Read and Write Operations
  • 7.Write Operation Concern Levels
  • 8.MongoDB CRUD Tutorials
  • 9.MongoDB CRUD Reference
  • 10.Hands on with CRUD Operations

Module 3 Part 1 : Schema Design and Data Modeling, Backup strategies, Monitoring

  • 1.Data Modeling in MongoDB
  • 2.RDBMS vs. Data models
  • 3.Data Modeling tools
  • 4.Data modeling example & patterns
  • 6.Model TREE structure
  • 7.Operational strategies
  • 8.Backup strategies
  • 9.Monitoring
  • 10.Monitoring Commands
  • 11.Monitoring of performance issues
  • 12.Run time configuration
  • 13.Export & import of data
  • 14.Relationship between Document
  • 15.Model Specific Application Contexts
  • 16.Data Model Reference
  • 17.Hands on with MongoDB Data Modeling

Module 3 Part 2 : Administration

  • 1.Data Management
  • 2.Introduction to replica
  • 3.Election of new primary
  • 4.Replica set
  • 5.Type of Replica
  • 6.Hidden Replica
  • 7.Arbiter Replica
  • 8.Sharding
  • 9.Concepts around Replication
  • 10.Setting up replicated cluster
  • 11.Setting up Sharded Cluster
  • 12.Sharding Database, Collections
  • 13.Hands on Exercise

Module 4 : Indexing and Aggregation Framework

  • 1.Introduction to Indexes
  • 2.Concepts around Indexes
  • 3.Type of Indexes
  • 4.Index Property
  • 5.Introduction to Aggregation
  • 6.Type of Aggregation
  • 7.Use cases of Aggregation
  • 8.Hands on Exercise

Module 5 : MongoDB Security

  • 1.Security Risks to Databases
  • 2.MongoDB Security Approach
  • 3.MongoDB Security Concept
  • 4.Access Control
  • 5.Integration with MongoDB with Robomongo
  • 6.Integration with MongoDB with Java

Module 6 : Integration with MongoDB with Jaspersoft, Loading and Managing Unstructured Data

(Videos, Images, Logs, Resumes etc.)

  • Integration with MongoDB with Jaspersoft
  • Additional Concept (GridFS à mongo files)
  • Loading and Managing Unstructured Data (Videos, Images, Logs, Resumes etc.)

Why choose SimplyAnalytics for MongoDB Training in Chennai?

  • 1. 100% Practical and placement oriented training.
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  • 4. Placements Assistance.
  • 5. Flexible timings.
  • 6. Weekdays and weekend batches.
  • 7. Affordable fees.
  • 8. Air conditioned classroom.
  • 9. Wi-Fi enabled training institute.
  • 10. Best Lab specialities.

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Course Features

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  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
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